VERSA WIG gives you the most styling flexibility!     

VERSA WIG is a 100% handmade wig. The hair is hand tied on our Italian lace cap which gives the appearance as though each strand of hair is growing right from your scalp. The lace used is high Italian lace, which means it is transparent and thin so it can blend in with any skin tone. We select strong, healthy virgin hair that is aligned in the same direction from the roots to the ends with intact cuticles, ethically selected from young women. The wig also features a customized natural hairline. Our wigs can be freely parted and styled just as if the hair was growing out of your head by creating parts in different sections of your wig, allowing you to create more looks. Whether you’re looking to wear your hair up in a high ponytail or bun, down in pigtail or French braids, half up half down or all down, anything is possible with VERSA WIG.