The House of WIGS presents to the world of fashion, SOTÀI WIGS. The SOTÀI WIG collection is an exclusive line of wigs created and sold only by The House of WIGS.

SOTÀI WIGS is a product of engineering, technology, and beauty perfectly collaborated with the hallmark of The House of WIGS craftsmanship. SOTÀI WIGS is a forward-looking wig collection that fosters the creativity of our designer's pinnacle engineering of the illusion of a scalp like no other.  Crafted after over 5 years of studying, designing and testing, we share our passion for pushing technical and conceptual obstacles in making your wig appear realistic. With our new design, there is no longer the need to bleach knots on wigs, use a lace tinting spray,  make-up or any other concealing mechanism. This collection is exclusive and unseen in the beauty world, as it is our unique innovation. This collection of wigs has been constructed to the highest standards of authenticity, duplicating as many features of the human scalp as possible. The SOTÀI WIGS Collection is iconic and undetectable.