Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How long does a custom order take?
        • About 15-20 days for a lace front wig
        • About 20-30 days for a silk top lace front wig 
        • About 30-45 days for a full lace wig
       2. Do custom orders cost more than wigs in stock?
        •  There is no extra fee for a custom order

       3.  What is the difference between a Sotai Silk top wig and a lace wig?

        • Our Sotai Silk top wigs are our signature product. The are known to be the most realistic wigs on the market because they have more of a flesh textured scalp and flesh appearance. However, our lace wigs are very realistic as well because they are constructed with very tiny knots. The lace has a translucent scalp. The decision to purchase a Sotai Silk top wig over a lace wig is a personal choice based on what you think looks more realistic. Most beginner wig wearers purchase the lace wigs.                               

       4. What hair products do you recommend?

              We HIGHLY recommend your purchase the following products:

       5.  My wig is tangling what should I do?
          • As stated in the hair care book that you received with your order, it is important that you keep the hair moisturized. Dry hair will cause tangling which in turn could lead to shedding long term.
          6.  Is there some type of warranty on your wigs?
          • The House of Wigs does not offer a warranty, but offers a discounted repair. Customers can pay a fee to have their wig repaired. This fee may be the cost of the construction or reconstruction, customization, and shipping. This option is subjectively conditional and is offered only as a courtesy ( as opposed to a warranty).

         7. I am not comfortable cutting the lace, can I request that the lace is cut before it is shipped?

          • Yes. When you order a wig you wI’ll receive a confirmation email. Respond to the confirmation email by simply stating these exact words “ I am requesting that the lace be cut on my wig. By making this request I am acknowledging the fact that I am aware that once the lace is cut there will be no exchanges or refunds or store credit, as the wig is final sale at that point.”

        8. I am in Chicago and would like my wig installed, can you help?

          • Yes. We are more than happy to assist you with a soft install when you purchase any new luxury wig from our collection. A soft install does not include any work done to your natural hair such as braids, ponytails etc. You will need to arrive with your biological hair ready for installation in either braids or a low tight and flat bun. A soft install merely includes helping you put on a wig cap, positioning your wig correctly on your head and securing it with either (1) the adjustable band and clips, (2) wig grip (3) hairspray or hair gel or (4) House of Wigs Lace Glue

      9.  How do I choose a density for my wig?

          • Here is the list from lowest density to highest. 130%, 150%, 180%, 200%, 250%, 300%. Also we included a photo to show you some of our common densities. (We recommend 130 or 150 for older women or for women with thin hair and who want their thin hair to resemble their wig). 


      10. What is the difference between thin Italian lace and HD lace?

          • The HD lace is the lace used in the film industry for movies actors etc. It is invisible .The thin Italian lace is very similar, but it is a grade thicker.  It more durable and last longer.


      11. How do I choose the length for my wig?

      Wigs are available in different lengths. You can order ours in lengths from 8 inches to 30 inches. 

      Wig length is the measure of hair strands from the crown to where the hair will land. The measurement conveys where the hair will fall once it is installed. 

      A 20 inches hair length means the unit will end at 20 inches from the crown of your head. For straight hair, this is easy to understand. The wig length is simply the length of hair strands on the unit that has straight hair. 

      For curly and wave wigs, the hair needs to be stretched  straight to get the exact measurement. This is because the curly texture makes the hair look shorter than its actual length. So a curly texture unit might appear to be 16 inches even when the length of hair strands is between 17 to 18 inches. We suggest to order curly hair at least 2 inches longer than your desired length. 

      There can also be slight variations in this measurement depending on the hair texture you have, how the unit has been installed and your physical features. 




      You can refer to this hair length chart to understand where the hair will fall on your body. 

      Depending upon your height and physical features, there might be slight variations.




      14. What are the different types of toppers and which one is the best?