The Luxurious collection of wigs by The House of Wigs is unlike any other. It is the finest in the market. The hair we use from our donors gives the most exquisite material for our team to work with. Our carefully selected artisans understand our high standards and genuinely care for the hair that comes from our donors. It takes a team to upholster the quality of our wigs. Each and every construction must live up to The House of Wigs extreme standards.  

Every piece in the Luxury Wig Collection is exquisitely handcrafted by a team of artisans who are involved in all aspects of its creation, from selecting the finest hair to hand-knot each strand of hair on the lace cap. One wig can take from 30 to 40 days to create, ensuring that the attention to detail and finish is to the highest standard. This process fundamental to the quality of our wigs.

Each individual handmade wig is meticulously crafted without compromise.  The wigs are designed to allow the client to have the most realistic experience when wearing our luxurious hair. The foundation of the wig is the lace cap, which is made from the finest Italian lace, naturally thin, but strong. It is chosen for its lasting quality, so each piece can be used for years without easily tearing and rippling. With our Italian lace cap, the wig gives the appearance as though each strand of hair is growing right from your scalp. Our full lace wigs are versatile and can be worn in many styles including a high ponytail. 

Premium raw material is essential for high end wig production. We select strong, healthy virgin hair that is aligned in the same direction from the roots to the ends with intact cuticles. The hair used on our wigs is ethically selected from young ladies of South East Asia and Europe. The hair is selected after a  careful examination based on its health, flexibly, bounciness, luster, length and thickness of ends of the hair, textures, the softness, density and other features. As long as the hair is properly maintained, our wigs are not prone to breakage, shedding, or tangling. Our wigs are made of 100% premium virgin human hair and never mixed with any animal hair or synthetic fibers. The hair is tied into a ponytail or braid in order to keep the hair in the same direction then the hair is then cut off directly off at the hair tie. Each wig is created from the hair of two donors maximum (depending on density). All hair is rigorously scrutinized for imperfections and only the finest make it to The House of Wigs. It is a very selective process from the beginning.

The House of Wigs wig collection designs perfectly mirrors the timeless elegance of celebrity hair styles with contemporary trends. We create an array shades for our clients to match their individual designated looks. To color each designer wig, we’ve perfected a unique technique. The hair is carefully colored for days at a time to prevent damaging the cuticles and hair structure, which helps the hair to last beautifully. It is our unique processing that keeps the cuticles healthy,  yet still retaining the integrity of the color. Our team must ensure that in perfecting a particular coloring style, the hair retains its health and luster and feel soft and silky.  Our intensive testing ensures long-lasting quality. If it survives this test, we are confident it meets House of Wigs standards.

The collection includes a large premium gold crocodile designed satin lined box bag to protect the wig and to keep your wig in pristine condition while in transition.